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It's my life purpose to empower you to live the life you truly desire; on every level of being.  Discover the mystery of you as you embark on the journey of discovering the true self as you heal in a light and compassionate environment.  Jodie's wealth of knowledge over the past 25 years of working in the wellness field will help you attain your best life.


"Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent.  We cannot nurture others from a dry well.  We need to take care of our own needs first, so that we can give fro our surplus, our abundance.  When we nurture others from a place of fullness, we feel renewed instead of taken advantage of."

-Jennifer Louden

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Please check out new offers online to help you achieve the wellness you deserve. Jodie has always been happy to work with an inclusive policy. Everyone is welcome, kindness is key!


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