Jodie Duplisea

A Touch of Care

Jodie has been working in the health field for many years, volunteering in hospitals and rehab centers since a teenager.  She began her health career at the Public Health Department in Montreal in 1997, conducting research and policy reforms.  Preferring a 'hands on approach', she left the department in 2000 and began working as a natural health therapist ever since. 


Because of many sports injuries,  Jodie, began attending yoga classes and experimented with many different types of therapies to recover.  Her studies reflect her favorite, most effective therapies and she is very happy to offer various treatmens to help her clients regain and maintain their optimal health. 


Jodie was also the Founder/Director of Fondation Ambaa ( in Montreal,  the province's first non-profit wellness centre that offered therapeutic movement classes for those living with chronic illnesses on a pay as you can basis.  She also continues to do research about the effects of natural therapies on health and published a study that was conducted with the Cedar's Breast Clinic on yoga and breast cancer.


She is ecstatic with the Water Temple project, so that people can receive treatment in a beautiful setting and take time to relax in nature.

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Dr David Dillon

Jodie’s extensive range of expertise has made a huge difference in my health during the twelve years that I have benefited from her treatments. I look forward to many more years

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Marli Santos

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Anne Marie Sutherland

Omygosh I just got back from a therapy session with Jodie at Le Temple D'O - I am absolutely amazed at the results after just one treatment
My shell of pain has been removed

The only question I had was -Why didn't I go sooner!? 
I feel 100% better than I have in years

HIGHLY RECOMMEND Le Temple D'O for anyone who suffers pain! 

I have been under Jodie's TLC for about two years and a half, and it has been a wonderful healing experience! She is a great, lovely and kind professional. Under her trade-mark care, I feel embraced, loved and safe. I trust her working approach, and above all, her kind and humane nature. I have benefited not only from her yoga classes -- in its variety of styles-- , but also from her various types of massage, including water therapy. All of them leave me feeling in heaven, united with the universe, rejuvenated, energized, calm and eager for the next session!   I am grateful and lucky to be under her TLC!