Aqua-Vie 1

The Basics

Learn the base of  Aquatic Therapy that allows the body to move in 3 dimensions in the absence of gravity and in absolute thermal comfort. The class will focus on the major transitions in Aqua-Vie, how to flow from one position to the next.


The course is offered on a semi-private format, just 2 practitioners at a time to ensure the best training.

All therapists as well as those in pursuit of their studies are welcome.

50 credit hours RMQ$775


The Fundamentals

This Level 1 course teaches you a complete 90-minute massage.

You will learn the foundations of Thai Massage, effortless transitions between postures, contraindications and safety

This class will be offered to small groups to guarantee excellent results.  It is open to all therapists or those who are currently studying.

50 credit hours RMQ


Aqua-Vie 2


Learn to give a complete Aqua-Vie Massage.  Building from the basics, the knowledge of meridians and stretches will be included.


This class is also offered on  a semi-private bases.  The class is open to all who completed the Basics


50 credit hours RMQ




In Level 2, learn many additional thai massage techniques, including side-lying postures, increase knowledge of thai energy lines and how to adapt the massage for various ailments and body types. 

The course is offered to small groups  to ensure the best training.

Pre-requisite, Thai Massage !

50 credit hours RMQ