Selfless Service

Helping Hands

Jodie is so grateful for what the natural healing arts helped her through her in her life.  She also has a strong sense of community and started volunteering at 12 years old.   Volunteering has been some of her richest experiences as she helps people during their recovery from injuries and illnesses.   Her love of volunteering and helping people return to health lead her to volunteering in a few developing countries to train single mothers become yoga teachers and massage therapists so they could be financially secure while spreading the healing knowledge.


Hoping to spread the benefits of complimentary health services, Jodie established Foundation Ambaa in 2012.  This was Montreal's  first non-profit wellness centre, where people who were in recovery were able to receive therapeutic classes free of charge so they could have the wonderful opportunity to heal without financial stress.   At Ambaa, she developed programmes that were beneficial for people of all ages, shapes, genders, religions and abilities.  

At The Temple D'O, Jodie continues her vast yoga volunteer experience with collaborations with The Cure to film her Yoga for Breast Cancer Series and with NousTV Laurentides so that others can empower themselves and heal from pain with free therapeutic yoga videos.  She also provides appointments on a sliding scale for low income individuals living with chronic pain and disease who do not have insurance.


It is so easy to help others and your community!  Jodie receives a lot of clients who are unable to work because of their heath status and need therapy to return to work and enjoy their life and loved ones. 


Here are some of the people who are living on permanent disability that you can help live a happier and healthier life:

J - a 32 year old father of 4 broke several vertebrae and ribs in a work accident

ML- a 62 year old woman with fibromyalgia who volunteers herself as much as she can

A- a 40 year old man living with muscular dystrophy

L- a 35 year old woman who lives in agony 24/7 with a complex pain disorder

M- a fellow 27 year old yoga teacher who was attacked by a bacterial infection that degenerated his spine

C - a 50 year old ex-massage therapist who lives with chronic pain from an accident and fibromyalgia

And the list continues...

For each Transformation package sold, one therapy session will be gifted to a person in need.  Or simply decide to donate sessions to those in need to her pay it forward programme so you can help too!   Please contact Jodie if you would like to donate a session, or if you are someone living with chronic conditions in a low income situation without insurance need to be part of the karma initiative.