Jodie is passionate about studying and teaching yoga,  especially knowing its full potential.  She studied various yogic paths: hatha, vinyassa, therapeutics, yin, prenatal as well as for children.  Jodie loves to inspire people to achieve their optimal health through yoga and has taught all ages and abilities.  Hoping to spread the healing benefits of , Jodie established Foundation Ambaa in 2012, Montreal's  first non-profit wellness centre, where people who were in recovery were able to receive therapeutic classes free of charge so they could have the wonderful opportunity to heal without financial stress.   At Ambaa, she developed programmes that were beneficial for people of all ages, shapes, genders, religions and abilities.  

At The Temple D'O Jodie continues her vast yoga volunteer experience with collaborations with The Cure to film her Yoga for Breast Cancer Series and with NousTV Laurentides so that others can empower themselves and heal from pain with free therapeutic yoga videos.  She also provides appointments on a sliding scale for low income individuals living with chronic pain and disease who do not have insurance.  Find out about her pay it forward programme so you can help too!