Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery Series

I have been teaching yoga for breast cancer for many years now and I have to say its been such a lovely adventure empowering people how to heal themselves.

Sending you good wishing for an incredible healing journey.

Special thanks to all the participants over the years and to my sponsors:

This yoga series was part of a research project with Cedars Breast Clinic, MeGilll University and myself.  We are thrilled with the results to increase mobility,  decrease pain, and swelling, and helping cope with stress.  Here are the results of the study


What you need to know

Episode 1

Explore your breath while you heal.

Episode 2

Letting Go

Episode 3

Inner Guidance

Episode 4

Heart Chakra

Episode 5

Inner Guidance

Episode 6


Class Experiences

Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10

Recycle Energy

Episode 11

Quantum Healing

Episode 12

Optimal Health

Katalin Szabados

I met Jodi when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer five years ago. It was a very difficult time where it felt I had no longer control over my life, and everything revolved around hospital appointments and conquering this disease.


The only appointment that was optional, yet I would not want to miss, was Jodi’s yoga classes. It was a safe environment where no eyes averted at the sight of bald heads and cancer ravaged aching bodies which could not do what they used to be able to do.  Jodi’s warmth and kindness made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. She created a positive, peaceful haven where we’ve experienced so much more than the physical benefits of yoga. The support and encouragement I’ve received from the group of cancer patients/yogis gave me the strength to keep on going.  I’ll be forever grateful for her treating me like a real person and not a cancer patient.


Taking part in gentle yoga classes for breast cancer guided by Jodie Duplisea was one of the most delightful experiences I ever had while in Montreal. Besides her technical competence and mastery of yoga, she is also highly skilled in guiding people on a journey of healing, through yoga, in the broadest sense of healing which encompasses the whole body. In fact, I still use her techniques daily before getting out of bed.

During seven consecutive years, I felt guided towards a very special place of deep relaxation, a space of loving kindness. I miss those good days when I knew that my day would be better after Jodie classes.

Pat Spencley

I stumbled into Jodie Duplisea’s yoga studio at a physical, mental, and spiritual low point in my life. In different classes Jodie worked with me on flexibility, balance, relaxation and yogic breathing.  I regained use of muscles that had stiffened and nearly atrophied because of physical illness and other significant losses, my mind began to clear and my spirit rejoiced.


I learned to stand and sit straighter, for longer periods of time. I learned to be patient with what I could not do, to celebrate each improvement and to love my aging body.  I became confident and competent as I healed.  Jodie is a healer and she makes healing fun.  I felt that, together, we were inventing me.


I felt the care and encouragement in Jodie’s uniquely calming VOICE.  Her own ease of movement inspired me as I knew she had worked hard to overcome the physical losses she, herself, had experienced.  I feel that Jodie, has walked he walk through loss to radiant health and happiness.  She is my mentor.


Every time I work with Jodie, it seems there is angel energy coming through her, into and through me and out into the needy word.  I take a deep breath, feeling thankful that I have had he chance to work with Jodie Duplisea.

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