Yoga in Nature

Earth Day Wellness Retreat

April 22-24, 2022

Movement is Medicine!

Let's celebrate freedom on Earth Day together! This joyful retreat nestled in the heart of Laurentian mountains will help you liberate your inner being naturally by freeing the body, mind and soul through delicious yoga workshops, qi gong and a pilates course.  Enjoy life by reconnecting to yourself and others!

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Our Venue - Manoir Rebelle

The enchanting centennial building is the ideal place to reconnect with ourselves, nature as well as the beauty in all aspects of life around us.  It is nestled next to Le Petit Train du Nord and promises host a magical event with its theatrical lounge charming bedrooms and sunny kitchen.  There is even a gym for those who would like to work out and massage services.

Indian Food

Cuisine Karma - Our Caterer

The caterers will make you travel on your plate, to brighten up your five senses through traditional Indian family cuisine


Jodie Duplisea

Your Host / Yoga Guide

Jodie Duplisea is also a mother, therapist, teacher and shaker!  Outside of work, she loves music, to move, and to travel.  She started practicing yoga in elementary school to recover from a major gymnastics accident and it became part of her life.  Knowing the power of the body to heal naturally, she dedicated her professional life to study and teach the best natural healing techniques and help others deal with stress and pain with a sense of lightness and joy.  With a yoga practice of more than 35 years and many years of studies in yoga, massage, aquatic therapy and Chinese medicine she treats her clients minds, bodies and soul holistically.  

Group Yoga


Plan to arrive around 5 pm for a quaint 5 a 7 to meet the other beautiful souls that will be gathering for our retreat. It will be followed by a slo-mode yoga class and yoga nidra with Jodie.  You can rest comfortably for the evening away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine where your only concern is your wellness.

Following a healthy breakfast on Saturday morning, Jodie will teach a yoga and meditation workshop that will nourish your mind, body and soul.  The manoir is on Le Petit Train du Nord so we have the choice of biking on the path, bathing in nature, or even having a nap, whatever your soul desires after lunch.  There will be a mindful pilates and breathwork class before we dine for supper together.  Saturday eveing, there will be a cocoa blessing for the earth on Saturday evening and a chill out lounge.  The Manoir has a great atmosphere and there are plenty of areas to relax quietly with friends and even dance!

On Sunday morning, we will start our day a scrumptious breakfast with a Qi Gong and self-massage workshop.  There is still the luxury of another yoga practise and lunch together.   After lunch we will have a little goodbye circle and can still have time to enjoy the Petit Train du Nord  

*Please Note, there may be small changes in the itineray as more confirmations arrive

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Daphnee Rosenberg


Her approach is profound, gentle and deep and she invites us to surrender, to breathe

and let himself be carried and nourished by his different movements of life...

...anchoring, fluidity, warmth, lightness..

The invitation, the inner thrust, is listening and intuition...

with the desire to embark on this wave and teach from the heart...

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Genevieve Pepin

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is defined as the work of the breath. It is a powerful tool for transformation and personal development that leads us to full awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

She is a traditional chinese medicine practioner and will be guiding us through a beautiful Qi Gong and self-massage class to relieve tension and stress.



For this mystical weekend for you!  


*$100 supplement for a private room


*for all activities and meals

*Special:  Bring a friend at 1/2 price

Massage therapy available for an extra fee.  Please book your massage in advance


Food:  For those who live with food allergies and/or special diets please let me know so you can have your needs met.  You are welcome to bring wine/alcohol for the evenings.

Please bring your own yoga supplies; mat, block, strap and bolster.  Comfortable clothes for the classes. Shower supplies as well.  Indoor shoes or slippers for walking around the manoir if you like.

As the weather is very unpredictable in the Laurentians check in closer to the date to see if we need winter or spring clothing and footwear.  If it's spring, bring your bicycle to enjoy Le Petit Train du Nord!

Disconnect to Reconnect